Do!aqua Riccia Stones

Do!aqua Riccia Stones



Product Description

Although Riccia is by nature a surface or floating plant, it can be beautifully grown underwater. However, to do so, Riccia must be properly and securely attached to stones or driftwood.

ADA Do!aqua Riccia Stones are a layout material to attach Riccia, or other plants like Willow Moss, onto using ADA Riccia Line. The flat shapes of Riccia Stone allow the creation of a beautiful foreground carpet of Riccia, and make the attachment process much easier as well. Riccia Stones allow for easier maintenance and better results.

If you would like Riccia Stones of a more varied size, see ADA Riccia Stones, as these vary in size between roughly 2-7cm, allowing for a more natural look where desired in more visible areas.

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