The Art of Aquascaping – Planted Aquarium Guide Book

The Art of Aquascaping by James Findley & The Green Machine

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The ultimate aquascaping book! Immerse yourself in the world of James Findley & The Green Machine

This book covers all techniques involved in creating and maintaining beautiful aquascapes / nature aquariums / planted tanks, along with well over 100 colour photos of many beautiful aquascapes created by James Findley and The Green Machine.

A Masterclass in Aquascaping

Lavishly illustrated with photos of stunning planted tanks of all styles, if you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find this book a source of valuable information and inspiration. This is the perfect handbook for you to create your own beautiful planted tanks of any size. For the first time this information has been compiled into one complete publication. Featuring stunning imagery of many of the aquascapes showcased in our popular videos.

What’s Included

  • 120 pages, meticulously written and designed by James Findley & The Green Machine
  • High-res photos on heavyweight luxury paper
  • All aquascaping topics covered;
    • Aquariums, Substrate, Hardscape, Composition, Iwagumi, Plants, Lighting, Carbon Dioxide, Water, Fertilisation, Filtration, Maintenance, Algae, Step-by-step aquascapes (including Nature’s Chaos)

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32 thoughts on “The Art of Aquascaping – Planted Aquarium Guide Book

  1. Hello, I just ordered your Hardback book and can’t wait to receive it! Thank you guys for introducing me to the hobby, I have been looking for something awesome to get into as a hobby.

    1. Hi, you should have it by now 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I ordered paperback edition on April 27th and the order is still in “Processing” state. what happens next? when it will be shipped?

    1. Hi Prasanna,

      All paperback editions have been shipped now. Let us know if you haven’t received it yet.


  3. Do you ship to BPFO?
    Which options do I choose? How do I enter it in in the address boxes?
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Simon,

      I’m not sure how this will work on our online shop, so if you like you can call our shop on 01978265090 and we’ll take payment over the phone and then post a copy to your BPFO address.


  4. why is time going so slow, is it may 10th yet? haha.
    I can’t wait to receive the book 🙂

  5. Hi, do you ship to Brazil?

    1. Hi, yes- we can ship anywhere, Brazil included! 🙂

  6. Hi, I would want a signed copy, if do I purchase now I will recived a signed copy?

    1. Hi Thiago,

      Sorry but the time has already passed for getting a signed copy. We have had several requests for signed copies since then so we would like everyone to be happy. However James has quite a lot to sign so we have to draw the line somewhere. Please let us have a think and get back to you.


  7. Hi guys, I bought the PDF version, where can I find my password to allow me to download it?

    1. Hi Jason,

      The password for your copy is your email address. We’ve made this more clear now. Sorry about the confusion!


  8. I’ve received an email asking me to download the PDF book on the Downloads Tab, but i don’t see it in my account even after a day. Is there something wrong?

    1. Hi, some customers accounts are not showing the download yet. Yours must be one of these.

      I have manually fixed the issue for you.

      Please re-visit the downloads tab in your account where it should now be available.

      Let us know if you are still having issues.

      Enjoy the book!


  9. I have purchased the PDF version. By when it shall be available for download.

    1. Hi, the book was made available a few hours ago.

      Once logged in, visit the downloads tab in your account where you should find a download link.

      If you don’t have a download link in your account, or if you have any trouble getting the book, contact us and we’ll get it sorted straight away.

      Please let us know what you think of our book, your feedback helps us greatly!
      You can leave a review at:


  10. I made an order today but have yet received a confirmation email. Can you have look?

    1. Hi, it seems your payment didn’t go through. We’re looking into it for you now. We should get back to you shortly.


    2. Our website is having trouble processing Amex cards, do you have a different card you can try with?

      Alternatively, ff you don’t have a different card it may be possible for you to use your Amex card if you choose the PayPal payment option.

      Sorry for the inconvenience!


    3. We have now fixed our payment options. If you’d like to try again it should work fine.

      If you are paying with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, or JCB you can use our main credit card option during checkout. If you want to pay with another card (such as America Express, Delta, Electron, Eurocard) you can do this by selecting ‘Paypal or Other Cards’ during checkout.

      Sorry about the inconvenience!


      1. Thanks TGM. I made another order. It is successful. Can’t wait to read your book

  11. How much is a hard copy delivery included total amount to Fort Walton Beach Florida, United States ?
    Thank you
    Sarah Bowden

    1. Hi Sarah,
      The hardcover costs £45 delivered to the US (around $62.70 USD).
      The paperback costs £35 delivered to the US (around $48.77 USD).

  12. I didn’t see any indication that my copy would be signed. Did I order it in time?


    1. Hi,

      Yes you will have a signed copy. The initial 100 signed copies sold out very quickly and some people missed out so James has decided to sign all copies ordered before 9:30am GMT Friday 27th.


  13. Will there still be signed copies in a weeks time? If not that is fine. Will these still be same price once released as well? And finally will this ship to Australia? Thank you for your time

    1. Hi Alex, there definitely won’t be signed copies left in a week, sorry. Demand has been higher than expected. Prices are only fixed for the time being so we don’t know what they’ll be in the future. Books are ordered in print runs, the size of which determines the price per unit. YES- we can ship to Australia, for £10 for one book and only slightly more for extra books in the same order.

  14. Hi TGM,
    I am begging for a signed copy!
    All the best.
    Dawid Twardy.

    1. You got one in time! 🙂

  15. Looking forward to receiving this book

  16. Definitely want one

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