100cm Jungle Package


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Part of our ‘Planting on a Budget’ series, aquascapes designed for ease of setup and maintenance and without the need for pressurised CO2.

The layout of the tank is shown as a frontal and top view diagram, with each plant group labelled.

a form of carbon supplement is recommened for aquariums with out co2.

Tropica Plant Nutrition and Plant Nutrition+ or ADA liquid fertilisers are recommended for use in this aquarium. For The ml per day refer to the manufactures instructions is probably a good starting point, but you should refer to our Tips and Tricks section for further details on dosing .

As advertised in TGM October 2009 Aquatics Newsletter – ‘Planting on a Budget’.

2 x Cryptocoryne Mi Oya
1 x Echinodorus bleheri
1 x Echinodorus red diamond
1 x Echinodorus rose
5 x Echinodorus quadricostatus
1 x Microsorum pteropus
2 x Microsorum pteropus ‘Narrow’
1 x Anubias barteri var nana
1 x Anubias barteri var large leaf
1 x Taxiphyllum barbieri
2 x Cryptocoryne petchii
2 x Cryptocoryne parva

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