ADA Aquasky Moon 361


AQUASKY MOON has the luminous intensity 1.5 times higher than the conventional AQUASKY. The frosted acrylic stand glows itself with light when turned on. It can be a supplemental lighting source, which gently illuminates your room like moonlight.

Newly-developed MIRROR UNIT can be attached (sold separately) gives a beautiful top view of aquatic plants, which enables an innovative presentation of the planted aquarium. (Patent pending).

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Compatible tank size; 36cm tank (Glass thickness: 5mm)
STAND size: W360×D136×H95mm
Power: AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 25W
Consumption current: 750mA±5%
Luminous flux: 2,150~2,450lm
Color temperature: Approx. 7,000K (There are some variation due to LED characteristics)
LED: 1 lamp 0.4W×50 lamps
LED lifetime: 30,000hrs or more (depending on usage environment)
Ambient temperature: 0~35℃

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