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The ADA CO2 Tower is an absolutely stunning piece of equipment – ADA have done it again! The CO2 Tower combines elegance and beauty with practicality and safety.

The ADA CO2 Tower contains a refillable CO2 tank equipped with an elegant stainless steel cover for added safety. The refillable CO2 is economical (18 bottles of small cartridge) and suitable for large size aquarium tank. The stainless steel cover keeps CO2 tank securely in upright position.

This is, wihtout a doubt, the most beautiful CO2 system available.

It matches particularly well with the ADA Garden Stand and the ADA Cube Cabinet. It is also works very well with the ADA Maintenance Stand Clear Type A, which allows the CO2 Tower to be displayed beautifully on a crystal clear acrylic stand.

Developed and used by Takashi Amano of ADA/Aqua Design Amano.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 49 cm

Aqua Design Amano


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