ADA Cube Garden Mini S: 31 x 18 x 24


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All ADA Cube Gardens are made with low iron, high clarity glass. Each tank is produced by craftsman carefully.

We have taken delivery of our first ADA Cube Gardens and we are extremely impressed with them. The silicone work is practically invisible – we have never seen silicone work to this standard before. These tanks are beautifully and precisely made and will showcase your aquascape superbly.

The Cube Garden comes with 4 Cube Garden Hooks included.

The Cube Garden Mini S is perfectly suited for use with the ADA Solar Mini S Light.

W×D×H(cm)| Glass thickness | Num. of hook
31×18×24(Mini S) 5mm 4
36×22×26(Mini M) 5mm 4
45×24×30(Mini L) 5mm 4

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Weight 2.940 kg

Aqua Design Amano


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