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The Garden Stand from ADA is the perfect minimalist cabinet for your aquarium.

ADA Garden Stand is a steel aquarium stand with idealistic structure. The sleek and geometrical design of the ADA Garden Stand is aesthetically suited to the linear form of the Cube Garden or other minimalist aquarium.

Sizes Available;
ADA Garden Stand 45 (45x30cm)
ADA Garden Stand 60 (60x30cm)
ADA Garden Stand 75 (75x45cm)
ADA Garden Stand 90 (90x45cm)

Matching Products
– The Garden Stand Rack is available to purchase separately. This can hold the CO2 advance system and liquid fertilizer bottles for easy maintenance.

– ADA Solar lighting system can be used on any aquarium but is perfectly matched to the Garden Stand

– The ADA Super Jet Filter can be used on any aquarium but is perfectly designed for the Garden Stand

An ADA Garden Stand set up, with Solar I and Super Jet filter can be seen in store – so call in to TGM to see it for yourself.

ADA Garden Stand set ups are the ultimate in individuality, modernism and minimalism. They are the perfect way to display your aquascape.

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