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    1 x Unique hand selected piece of ADA Horn Wood. (the actual piece in the photographs!). Perfect for Nature Aquarium Aquascaping!.

    ADA Horn Wood is an extremely unusual and unique aquatic hardscape.  Like all our hardscapes, it is perfectly suited for aquascaping.  ADA Horn Wood is a rare gem in the aquascaping world and a welcome new addition to our aquatic hardscape collection.  Horn Wood was introduced recently in Aqua Journal Vol. 168 and has been used by Takashi Amano in some of his most inspirational works.

    Provides instant natural decor for any fish tank set up.


    – Dense – sinks easily but may need a little soaking in some cases

    –  Beautiful, reddish colour- Highly unusual texture with an attractive, strong grain with some visible epidermis

    –  A truly unique aquatic hardscape, perfect for an original, individual and unusual aquascape

    –  Wide range of shapes and sizes from long, elegant, spindly pieces to compact, intricately gnarled, stumpy sections

    –  Moss will grow well on Horn Wood because it will grip well on the grain

    The ruler in the photographs is 30cm/12in/1ft long.

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