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The initial planting is a very important process which has to be done precisely and delicately. Particularly in the Nature Aquarium, which is an attempt to create nature within the aquarium, the importance of the planting comes first. ADA Pinsettes are designed solely for the planting of the aquatic plants with the best utility. They are meticulously hand made for an accurate joint of the fingers and for an optimal hardness of the spring based on thorough researches on the human technology.

They are special tweezers developed precisely for planting a sensitive plant. We repeated trial and error, and produced the original style tweezers with a elongated tip, appropriate spring strength, and easily-to-handle length. Please select the size – S, M, L and XL, according to your needs.

( Tweezer / Tweezers / Pinsette )

ADA Pinsettes are available in 3 sizes to apply to all kinds of aquatic plants or purposes.

ADA Pinsettes S 160mm
ADA Pinsettes M 210mm
ADA Pinsettes L 270mm
ADA Pinsettes XL 300mm

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