ADA Power Sand Special M (6 Litres)


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For aquariums 40-60cm high.

Power Sand Special is the substrate material with more minerals and nutrients. This is appropriate for Echinodorus or Cryptocoryne absorbing nutrients from its roots. It works with bacteria inside the substrate, and offer charcoal powder to the bacteria as a food, and creates living substrate.

Power Sand Special is intended for use as a base substrate material and is placed directly onto the glass base of the tank. It contains many organic nutrients and is excellent for plants actively absorbing nutrients from their roots.

Bacter 100 ad Clear Super are blended in the mix to aid in the rapid growth of beneficial bacteria and as an additional filtration aid in the planted environment.

Powersand Special comes in three sizes; S, M and L. S for tanks up to 60 litres. M for tanks up to 250 litres. l for tanks over 250 litres.

The Power Sand Special should be added to the tank leaving a 2-3 inch gap at the front and sides for aesthetic purposes. ADA Aqua Soil is then added over this base layer to a depth of about 2-6 inches (front to back). The complete ADA substarte system is now in place and the tank is ready to hardscape.

Note: Although we have many customers who achieve excellent results using Aqua Soil by itself as a stand alone substrate, increasing numbers of people swear by the use of both Power Sand Special and Aqua Soil- as recommended by ADA.

From our own hands on experience here at TGM, our advice would be that if your budget allows it then go for the complete system, the results for us have been amazing.

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