ADA Solar I White (with NA Lamp MH 150W)

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Stunning white aquarium light. This product is just the light featured in the image.

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*Includes ballast for UK power.

Solar I Light by Aqua Design Amano with a legendary ADA NA Lamp.

This white version is a new variation on the classic design of the ADA Solar I. It is perfectly suited to the ADA Wood Cabinet White which comes with an exclusive white Solar I stand. Alternatively the new Solar I White looks great with a white or gloss white minimal obelisk cabinet.

A fusion of art and design, ADA produce some of the most aesthetically pleasing lighting in the world market today. This single 150W metal halide features a slow start up to prevent shocking livestock. The quality of light is superb and growth rates phenomenal.

Here at The Green Machine we are using an ADA Solar I lights on one of our display tanks and are struck by both its effectiveness and its simple beauty.

*Wood Cabinet White and exclusive White Solar I Arm Stand sold separately.

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