ADA Super Jet Filter ES 2400 with Lily Pipes


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The ADA Super Jet Filter is the only filter on the market that is aesthetically pleasing. Their minimalist, modern and elegant design means that they are perfectly suited to use with minimal cabinets like the ADA Garden Stand where the filter is visible.

In the Super Jet Filter ADA have transformed the aquarium filter into a work of art, demonstrating their uncompromising passion and dedication to the art of aquascaping.

Super Jet Filters not only look beautiful but function superbly. Once again, ADA has successfully married beauty with first class functionality.

Includes ADA glass outflow and inflow Lily Pipes

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For aquarium: Size W180xD60xH60 (cm).
**For a tank in larger sizes, multiple filter systems should be applied. For freshwater aquarium use only.

Size/ Ø280xH555mm Capacity/ 24L Flow Rate/27L/min (60Hz)
Maximum Head/ 3.1m(50Hz), 4.3m (60Hz)
Accessories/ Outflow glass pipe, Inflow glass pipe,
Hose 20mm (19/25mm), Outflow Hose 17mm (15/20mm), Hose Band (Large),
Inflow Pipe 20mm, Filtration media/ Bio Rio L 16 L

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