‘Arizona’ Plant Package 60-P


High quality live tropical aquarium plants ideal for aquascaping. See full description for more info.

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If you love ‘Arizona’ by James Findley, then this plant package is for you!  It contains all the plants you need to recreate James’ iconic Nature Aquarium Aquascape.

This package contains the ideal number of plants for a 60-P Cube Garden (60x30x36cm)

  • 8 x Alternathera sp ‘mini’ 1-2-Grow
  • 1 x alternatthera rosanervig
  • 1 x ludwigia paulustris 1-2-Grow
  • 1 x Nessea crassicaulis
  • 1 x Rotala wallichii 1-2-grow
  • 1 x hygrophila Araguaia 1-2-grow

Team this up with some TGM Fossilised Wood to re-create James’ daring layout. For larger aquariums, just add multiples of this plant package to your order.  If you would like any advice about how many plants you need, contact us now, visit us in store, or phone us on 01978 265 090

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