Do!aqua Violet Glass Outflow (VP-1) 13mm


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Do!aqua Violet Glass Outflow VP-1 13mm

– for aquarium 45-60cm in size
– for use with an external canister filter like an ADA Super Jet or Eheim filter
– minimal visual impact on your aquascape
– matching Do!aqua Violet Glass Inflow available

Do!aqua Violet Glass series is particularly suited to keeping fish in a planted aquarium that like a moderate water flow like cyprinids and characins. The unique shape of the inflow and outflow sections can create adequate flow without placing burden on water intake.

Available Sizes;
– For an aquarium 45-60cm use Violet Glass VP-1 (13mm)
– For an aquarium 90-120cm use Violet Glass VP-2 (13mm)
– For an aquarium 120-180cm use Violet Glass VP-3 (17mm)

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