Eheim Professionel 3 Thermo 1200XLT External Filter 2180500 / 2180 Thermo


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With an EHEIM thermofilter you can forget about the need for aseparate heater in the aquarium. Eheim Professional 3.
An ingenious innovation: the water is sucked in, filtered, at the same time heated and flows back into the aquarium at the correct temperature. EHEIM has once again pioneered a revolutionary idea and transformed it into the perfect technical reality. We are the only company to offer you an external filter with integrated heating system (IHS). 
There are 5 thermofilters in the EHEIM professionel generation (professionel, professionel 3 and professionel 3e) for aquariums from 120 up to 1200 litres. Thus, you have the features of this high quality filter range as well as the very convenient thermo-function.  
Benefits of the EHEIM thermofilter
  • Top of the range external filter with all the features of the professionel, professionel 3 and 3e family 
  • 5 models:  professionel 250T; professionel 3 250T, 350T, 1200XLT; professionel 3e 600T 
  • Filtration and heating in one filter – no other heater needed in the aquarium 
  • IHS (Integrated Heating System)  
  • Heating element is safely integrated into the bottom of the filter canister 
  • Temperature sensor in filter canister
  • Water temperature set easily and precisely at the touch of a button (on professionel 250T with control knob)
  • Exact temperature adjustment 18-34 °C (or optionally 65-93 °F – only 1200XLT)
  • Large, precise LED display shows the exact water temperature (on  professionel 250T only indicator light) 
  • Please note! Only suitable for fresh water!
Top filter technology and heating system in one filter
EHEIM thermofilters are the only external filters worldwide with an integrated heating system (IHS), that is, the only ones that clean and circulate the water and at the same time set the correct temperature. 
Various models of the EHEIM professionel filter generation (professionel, professionel 3 und professionel 3e) are fitted with IHS. Depending on the model, they offer you the advantages of this top class filter: the highest quality, optimum performance, prefilter for long intervals between cleaning, exemplary energy efficiency, wonderful quiet running, many handy features, electronic control and much more.
The high quality heating element is safely integrated into the bottom of the filter, a temperature sensor measures the water temperature and large LED display shows the exact degree of temperature (model professionel 250T only indicator lamp).
The water temperature can be set easily and precisely at the touch of a button (on professionel 250T with control knob). Temperature adjustment ranges from 18-34 °C (model 1200XLT optionally in Fahrenheit 65-93 °F).     
Filter media:
Media sold seperatly.
Accessories included:
,The necessary accessories are included with all models: Inlet pipe(s), spraybar, outlet elbow, EHEIM quality hose and installations accessories (1200XLT additionally with drip tray; 600T additionally with mains adapter 24V-DC).
Please note! the EHEIM thermofilters are only suitable for fresh water.

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