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Selected by size – each medium piece weighs between 3kg and 8kg.

**Please note- in order to receive a large sized piece, please purchase at least 3 of this item.

– instant, natural beauty
– all the benefits of wood combined with the benefits of stone
– easy to use – sinks easily
– adds intricate detail to your scape

Petrified wood is fossilised wood. During the fossilisation all the organic materials of the wood are replaced with minerals, whilst retaining the organic structure of the wood. It is heavy, so it sinks easily, making it ideal for aquascaping.

The choice of hardscape is probably the most important choice an aquascaper will make. This is one of the finest materials available in the world today.

Petrified wood is a type of fossil. The petrification occurs underground when the wood becomes buried under sediment and is initially preserved due to a lack of oxygen.

Mineral rich water flowing through the sediment deposits minerals in the plants cells and as the lignin and cellulose decay away a stone mould forms in its place.

It may take less than one hundred years for wood to petrify, however much of it was formed in the late Triassic period, approximately two hundred and thirty million years ago, and has remained in that form until the present day.

Petrified wood can preserve the original structure and form of the wood in all its detail and pieces can take on the original look of the wood as it first existed many millions of years ago.

This material has the beauty of a natural wood product yet sinks immediately, lending itself perfectly to the art of aquascaping. The overall look is somewhere between stone and wood.

As a hardscape material we believe that petrified wood is second to none. Its natural beauty, shape, texture, form and colour are simply stunning. We have used it to great effect in James Findley’s Altum Angel display in store, and his new re-scape.

Real petrified wood appears as almost hard and as dense as steel, it is heavy and exhibits many grain patterns and textures that were found in the original organic pieces.

Do Not Accept Cheap Imitations
There are other cheaper products on the marketplace that go under different names such as ‘fossil wood’. This appears to us to be a branding rather than an accurate description of the stone. If it is not described as ‘fossilised’ or ‘petrified’, then it probably is not the real thing. We believe that the ‘fossil wood’ that we have seen is an inferior and of course cheaper product, and one that we have chosen not to sell. If a product does not meet our standards it does not grace our shelves.

If you would like to select the exact pieces then we recommend a visit to our store where we have literally hundreds of pieces on display to choose from.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01978 265 090 and speak to our professional aquascaper, James (at no extra charge), who will listen to your desires and hand select some pieces that will ensure you achieve your vision with ease and maximum impact.

Our hardscape collection is second to none. If you want a huge variety, quantity and quality teamed with expert advice then TGM is the place for you.

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