Seiryu Stone (Per Kg)

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This beautiful rock is widely used in Nature Aquariums and can be seen in many such publications and competition entrees.

A tank in store at TGM in Wrexham was planted by Franscesco Nardelli with the assistance of Davide Chiacchio and uses Seiryu stone to great effect.

Please note that this rock may raise pH and hardness slightly. Using ADA Aqua Soil will resolve this.

Price is per kilogram. So if you want 4Kg of Seiryu stone add 4 of this product to your shopping cart, for example.

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2 reviews for Seiryu Stone (Per Kg)

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Nate B. (verified owner)

    Came pretty well assorted for a nano, no large stones and was pretty useless in my desired scape. So I threw them in my nano and they are ok as an iwagumi but I am not a fan of the types of scapes in that genre of aquascaping. I planned to do a dutch Hill with lava rock to hold up the hill from the back (with plastic holders) and seiryu stone as the actual scape pieces. In between the plants. But since these where so small I couldn’t use them in that scape. Wish they had a WYSIWYG for seiryu.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    James Findley

    A great stone available in a good range of sizes
    Many nooks and crannies into which plants and mosses will take root and grow

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