Slim Wood Nano SLIM266

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1 x Hand Selected piece of ADA Slim Wood. (the actual piece in the photographs!)

This naturally beautiful piece of wood is ideal as aquarium hardscape decor, perfect for aquascaping or for use in a vivarium.

Provides instant natural decor for any fish tank set up.


– Lovely colour when submerged

– Strong and sturdy

– Great for attaching mosses and other plants to

– Excellent value for money

– Available in very small pico sizes which are hard to find in any wood

Aqua Design Amano SlimWood may need weighing down in an aquarium for a couple of weeks until it will sink by itself, this process can be rapidly sped up by safely boiling the wood before it is put into the aquarium.

If you want to hand pick from our huge range of hardscape decor materials, come and visit us in Wrexham, UK – we think you will love our shop!

The ruler in the photographs is 30cm/12in/1ft long.


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