TGM Complete CO2 Kit


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  • Complete kit
  • No need for future upgrades
  • Gas supply lasts 10-12 months
  • Glass drop checker, bubble counter and diffuser
  • Convenient and practical

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In the past we used to sell boxed CO2 kits by well known manufacturers. With the exception of ADA boxed kits, these kits tended to need upgrading very quickly because the CO2 bottles only lasted for 8-10 weeks until they needed re-filling which was a great inconvenience, they tended to come with plastic drop checkers, bubble counters, and diffusers which our customers almost always upgraded for glass ware very soon after purchasing the kit because glass ware is so much more aesthetically pleasing and suited to the planted tank and Nature Aquarium style.

So we found that most customers who bought a boxed kit would soon spend a considerable amount of money upgrading their CO2 system by purchasing a larger CO2 bottle and glass components to replace the plastic ones.

We felt that this was unfair because it meant that our clients ended up spending money on things they didn’t use (small CO2 bottle, plastic components). From our experience of this, we decided to create a good value, professional CO2 kit that looked good, performed fantastically well and was convenient to use.

So the TGM CO2 kit was born – a complete kit that will need no upgrades and has a gas supply that lasts 10-12 months (on a 200 litre aquarium). It is fantastic value and it also looks great! Contents Complete CO2 kit with everything needed to get started. This is a superb quality kit, having been assembled by our experienced staff with products that we recommend ourselves.

  • 3 Kg TGM CO2 bottle
  • Pressure regulator by Aqua Medic(MINI)
  • Night time shutoff/solenoid valve by Aqua Medic
  • 1m CO2 hose
  • Bubble counter
  • Glass Drop checker
  • ADA parts set
  • Glass 20mm CO2 Diffuser
  • CO2 Indicator Reagent – Bromo Blue by JBL

We are also happy to adjust these kits to your own specifications with larger or smaller diffusers and the option to upgrade to ADA glassware on some components. For a kit with all ADA glassware please see our TGM Complete CO2 Kit Deluxe with ADA Glassware.

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