The Art of Aquascaping Book – PDF Download


Immerse yourself in the world of James Findley & The Green Machine.

This book covers all techniques involved in creating and maintaining beautiful aquascapes / nature aquariums / planted tanks, along with well over 100 colour photos of many beautiful aquascapes created by James Findley and The Green Machine. Available in hardcover, paperback and PDF download.

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A Masterclass in Aquascaping

Lavishly illustrated with well over 100 photos displaying stunning planted tanks of all styles. If you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find this book a source of valuable information and inspiration. Covering all topics of aquascape creation and maintenance, this is the perfect handbook for you to create your own beautiful planted tanks of any size. For the first time this information has been compiled into one complete publication. Featuring stunning imagery of many of the aquascapes showcased in our popular videos.

What’s included

  • Written by James Findley & The Green Machine
  • 120 pages
  • High resolution full colour photos
  • All aquascaping topics covered;
    • Aquariums, Substrate, Hardscape, Composition, Iwagumi, Plants, Lighting, Carbon Dioxide, Water, Fertilisation, Filtration, Maintenance, Algae, Step-by-step aquascapes (including Nature’s Chaos)


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