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TGM Warehouse & Shop Closing, Aquascaping Book Coming Soon

It has been our pleasure providing a physical space for aquascaping goods and advice for the past 11 years since our beginning back in 2007. The Green Machine shop has been a real adventure for all involved but it’s placement in North Wales has not been easy for all of our clients and fans to reach.

James Findley and our team have decided to close our physical shop which means we are running a huge sale for a limited time while we partially clear our warehouse. We won’t be restocking products, so be quick if you want to avoid disappointment.

Moving forward, this will allow us to focus on providing aquascaping information and videos on our website and video channels which are enjoyed by millions of people around the world every day. You can look forward to new content published more frequently.

A word from James…

It is with mixed feelings that I have decided to close our shop in North Wales.

My book containing my complete knowledge of the hobby will be published shortly and will be available both digitally and in hard copy.

I will be signing the first 100 hardbacks.

I am approaching 63 years of age and wish to spend more of my time with my wife, my family and my friends.

May I take this opportunity to thank everybody for their loyal support over the past eleven years.

Over the coming months The Green Machine will be offering some fantastic discounts with a view to clearing our warehouse, in particular our wide range of hardscape materials will be offered at 50% discount and other remarkable bargains will also be available.

Once again thanks to everybody for your loyalty and belief in what we have done here at TGM.

James Findley

20 thoughts on “TGM Warehouse & Shop Closing, Aquascaping Book Coming Soon

  1. Thanks for all James. Take care and good bless you from México 🙂

  2. First visited your store years ago when you first opened. Was just about to visit again as was going to get back into fish keeping and set up a new tank!
    Are you still open at the moment?

  3. Great great thank You from all Russian scapers.

  4. I have only recently got into aqua scaping. I saw one of your videos and how beautiful the finished product looked. From then on I knew I had to try and get into this. Thanks you for such wonderful content

  5. Used to love visiting the shop and seeing the stunning displays and equipment available – shop will be missed

  6. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the hobby. The videos are amazing and informative. I can’t wait to receive my hardcopy of your book.

  7. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge in your videos on youtube. You have inspired me to get into this hobby.

    Chris, Las Vegas, NV

  8. I will not forget how helpful and friendly you’ve been, and really pivotal in helping me set up my furst aquascape. I wish you all the best James!

    Lou, London

  9. Here in Louisiana, USA no one does aquascapes or has heard of it. Watching you has inspired me to start my own Green Machine type of business. I am envious of your profession as I would love to turn my hobby into my job.
    Your designs have inspired me and my love of aquatics! Thanks so much for your inspiration and insight. PLEASE CONTINUE TO MAKE VIDEOS AND TUTORIALS WITH YOUR FREE TIME!
    Your scapes are some of the best and I would love to see what you can do with a Dutch and Iwagumi style combination. Thanks so much for introducing me into Takashi Amano’s work as well.
    I haven’t started my project yet but I was going to purchase my items from you until I found out your closing. Would you mind advising as to where I can purchase the same quality products you offer?
    Thanks again so much and good luck with whatever you decide to pursue.

  10. Its so sad that TGM have to close down, I started aquascaping after watching the green machine youtube channel , you are my inspiration !

    Thank you, from Malaysia.

  11. Your Green Machine videos started me on my Aquascape journey. Thank you

    From The arctic , Canada

  12. You made some stunning tanks. I have gotten some ideas from your scapes…thanks for the cool videos. Enjoy the time with family and friends.

  13. Hi All im newbie here. Good art! Thx! Love your stories!

  14. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from your professional work! Still miss the new videos

  15. I am so sorry to hear about this.

    My wife and I have both enjoyed shopping at TGM, and you James have been the biggest inspiration in my aquascaping life, even bigger than Amano.

    I hope I will be able to get a signed his and hers copy of your book, so we won’t have to fight over it.

    I wish you all the best in the future, and hope that we get more aquascaping videos in the future.

    All the best from Sarah and Tommy

  16. Hi, I want to be included in notify list for the book.

  17. This is sad.

    Hi when will the physical shop be open till?

    I am specially making a trip down to the UK for a pilgrimage to the Green Machine as I have been following James’s videos from Singapore.

    I land on the 26th April 2018.

  18. goodluck and can’t wait for the book, have been a follower of your work for awhile now and been interested to see how you go with the videos and what the book will be like.

  19. All the best for all future endeavors 🙂

  20. James you had always been my inspiration. Your scapes would always push me to do something new everytime i started a new tank. Your journals are my favourites. Dunno if I would get to see more of those journals. But you have been a teacher a guide and a motivation for me and my tanks. Wish you a long and happy life ahead….

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